Do you have toothache??? 

Have you ever had severe pain in your mouth  while sleeping at night and you don’t have any idea what to do then this is the best post for you.
If you are at the place where it is hard for you to visit the dentist or if it’s midnight then follow these steps for toothache remedies which is simply easier.

1. Take one painkiller tablet (over the counter) 

2. Put clove powder(if not then crush cloves in grinder) and add a drop of olive oil in it then soak it in a small cotton swab. Put that swab in the cavitated tooth which is giving you severe stab like pain. (next day visit the dentist nearby) 

3. If you don’t have clove then use pipperment tea bags (place it in the area for 15 minutes then gargle mouth with any regular mouth wash.(next day visit the dentist nearby) 

4. If you Have any swelling outside or inside of your mouth then homemade remedy would be better for relief by using warm water and salt and gargling for 10 minutes (next day visit the dentist nearby) 

5. Tooth whitening with lemon is a MYTH. go to dental office and talk to he dentist for whitening tray which way you won’t get side effects.

6. If you have sensitive tooth or extreme pain while eating ice cream or drinking cold or hot water then you need some minor dental treatment or you can use some sensitive pastes to lighten up your sensitivity. 

7. Home remedies are only for emergencies when no dentists are available for you. 

If you have any other questions then feel free to ask in the “comments” section below.

Never get stressed or do stupid things as it can go worst from bad.

Have Happy smile ­čÖé


Continuing The Introduction Day 

We were walking through the hall way and wondering about what is going to happen to us, Are they going to do ragging on us,Do we have to perform on stage as we heard some noise from the hall  or what else it could be? 

Finally we were entering the room and guess what? I was thinking exactly what we have to do there (ahnnnn no complaints man but seriously I am not good on stage at all I have got social anxiety but I kept that disease in my personal space only) 

It was like we have to talk about oneself for at least 5 minutes and then seniors will give any task to perform at the stage. Lots of fun by seeing my collegues doing crazy stuffs like (asking a random girl for date -most probably getting slapped or insulted as this is not other countries,putting lemon on head and talking, making fun of professors….) 

Everyone has to do something so I did speak on the topic given to me and it was about my passion (music and sports).

You would feel like (are you crazy… Because most of the dentists love books or any health care stream not passionate about music or something else)

This wasn’t just an end as we also have to know our classmates for better days of school 

So would you like to know how I made my first friend at the dental school and how…….. (let me think….) 

Good tips for caries free white bright tooth with good oral odor when you talk to people 

Hello guys,  I have a thought of sharing with all of you about how to maintain good oral hygiene(when ever you arrange business meetings or any foreign trips, you and other party will greet by smiling so bright white teeth with good smell is a bliss for positive response) 

  • Brush your teeth twice (before sleep and after waking up) according to concerned brushing method by a dentist.
  • Have minimal bad oral habits like eating tobacco Or smoking cigarettes which way you can keep your gums healthy.
  • Floss in between your tooth with proper technique (minimal injury to gums).
  • Always drink more water to be hydrated and have healthy blood circulation. 
  • Massage your gums with toothpaste with no abrasive contents after finishing brushing.(to keep gums as healthy as it can be) 
  • Whenever you eat any food, drink water and move your tongue everywhere in your mouth (never keep sugar contained food particles in your mouth because it leads to caries formation) 
  • Visit your nearest dentist once a month for regular check up.
  • Keep smiling and laughing (people love to deal with you if you have no bad breath and white shining teeth) 
  • Have Happy days by Sharing these amazing tips for good oral health care. 

Being guided by divine nature 

Before starting the fun loving awesome stories, I would like to thank those unnatural powers (one can call it as god’s blessings) which always support me through all the time and I was like uhmmm seriously is it like that?(as an immature kiddo I was like god…. Goddammit…. It’s just a myth but then boooooom….. Miracles do happen) 

So always respect things which people are believing even though it does not make any sense to us.(at least at the end of the day, you would feel relaxed and happy being a good gentleman lol ­čśé ) 

Introducing you to the daily dental life

Hi every body, I always wonder how life would work if I was in different directions (I mean not in the health care stream and just doing random artistic work rather than performing tooth extractions or crown cementation etc..). This thought gave me a second thought of what others are thinking of our dental journey and what we really face in real is totally different so Nowonwards I am going to share my short journey of my dental journey.

Hope you would like to read about it.